Wildflower Health was born to help women
make better healthcare decisions through the
device that’s always at hand – their smartphone.

In 2012, Leah Sparks was pregnant with her first child. Navigating regular doctor visits, she recognized that what should be a time of joy was often tempered by uncertainty about health plan benefits, hospital services and appointment schedules. She realized pregnancy could be a powerful context for teaching women how to use the healthcare system in a smart way.

Wildflowers are bold, colorful and diverse. They are also resilient, and grow in the most unexpected places. Our mission is to better understand all types of people so we can create positive environments where everyone can thrive. We grow healthy families … like wildflowers.

Our enterprise mobile health products help improve clinical quality, connect patients to resources and reduce medical costs.


The dedicated team at Wildflower Health has expertise in healthcare, technology, clinical content and consumer products. We believe that connecting families with the healthcare system can promote healthier, happier lives. Meet some of our passionate people:

Leah Sparks

Co-Founder & CEO
A seasoned healthcare technology executive.

Connie Phelps

VP of Hospital Solutions
Expert in mobile health, patient engagement and healthcare IT.

Keith Jaeger

Chief Technology Officer 
A product engineering guru with broad technical acumen.

Reetu Gupta

Director of Client Services
Devoted to meeting strategic needs and filling gaps in healthcare.

Laura Mackay

VP of Strategy and Business Development
Strategic leader with a passion for healthcare innovation and a drive to simplify health care

Dilek Barlow

Director of Client Services
Skillful in leading large-scale software implementations.

Archie Algas

Product Director
Experienced in designing digital health products for consumers and clinicians.

Jessica Nicholas

Client Services Manager
Dedicated to supporting strategic partnerships that connect more families to health care.

Taryn Selonke

Business Development Director
An advocate for improving healthcare delivery through mobile health


We’ll show you how to connect families to your best care.


Elaine Chien, MD


Christine Picco, MD


    Kathy Bellevin

    Co-Founder and Product Strategist

    J.D. Kleinke

    Healthcare Business Strategist


    Kerry Hicks

    Partner CEO & President
    KMG Capital Partners

      Nicole Bell

      Founder and Executive Director, Cambia Grove

      Lisa Latts

      Deputy Chief Health Officer at IBM Watson Health

      John Crumpler

      General Partner
      Hatteras Venture Partners

      Kresimir Letinic

      Managing Director
      Easton Capital


      Make a positive difference in healthcare.

      We’re hardworking and passionate about transforming healthcare. Our team drives the evolution of our enterprise mobile solution, and creates an A+ customer experience for our mobile users. To be considered for one of the roles below, please email your resume and salary requirements to

      Job Title: Senior Software Engineers
      Location: San Francisco, California

      Wildflower Health is advancing to the next growth stage in our enterprise mobile health platform.  We deliver configurable smartphone applications that help our clients better connect with families and influence important health decisions.  Our programs cover pregnancy, pediatrics, and overall family health.

      We are seeking a full-time server side engineer responsible for building and expanding server-side applications for reporting data from our phone apps, and the applications required for managing the configurable platform in development, including an internal CMS and administrative tools.  This role will be part of the team that creates a great customer experience for our mobile users and develops a powerful back-end platform that integrates engagement analytics, app configuration, and interactions with client internal systems.  Specific responsibilities include:

      • Design and implement interfaces between the app and client internal systems for user validation and display of client specific information and services within the phone app utilizing contemporary server-side technologies based on Rest API using NodeJS, ExpressJS, AWS S3/EC2.
      • Design and implement the web application for reporting app usage and doing analytics on user data, collaborating with the database architect and utilizing skills in Mongo and relational DBs and using contemporary javascript tools and technologies.
      • Design and implement the web application for content and feature management within the application utilizing end to end application architecture experience to build an acyclic graph based solution for high levels of reuse.
      • Coordinate with the database architect and server operations director to ensure robust solutions in a high availability environment.


      Master’s degree or foreign equivalent in Computer Science, Computer Engineering, or a related field. Two years of experience in the job offered or as a Software Engineer, Javascript Developer, Web Developer, Front-End or Back-End Engineer, or related occupation.

      Experience must include:

      • Any experience with server side development using Javascript NodeJS environment with ES2015 Syntax, REST/SOAP architecture
      • Any experience with Front end development, including JavaScript, ReactJS, AngularJS, OOP and Prototypes, LESS/SCSS preprocessing, HTML5
      • Any experience with cross-platform mobile application development using Cordova eco system
      • Any experience with continuous integration, building tools and infrastructure in frontend and backend parts including AWS, Jenkins, Grunt/Gulp, or Webpack
      • Any experience with relational and non-relational databases, including MongoDB, CouchDB, MySQL, PostgresSQL
      • Any experience with testing methodologies and approaches, including unit testing, UI testing and test automation tools and solutions including Selenium WebDriver, TestNG, Java Spring
      • Any experience providing end to end architectural solutions

      To apply, contact:

      Job reference 1A