Tracking … with a valuable twist.

We track everything nowadays. With our smartphones, watches and other wearables, we keep tabs on heart rate, blood pressure, glucose levels, sleep patterns, nutrition and, of course, every step we take. The information we gather is useful, especially for those who need to monitor certain medical conditions. But at Wildflower Health, we create mobile applications […]

Healthcare Goes Mobile

When my husband and I planned a family trip to Nantucket recently, I started preparing for our vacation the way most people do – by reaching for my smartphone. Which airline has the best rates? What accommodations offer a convenient location with the most comfortable rooms? What activities would be fun for our two young […]

A Seismic Shift

I’ve spent most of my career bringing new and improved technologies into hospitals. From Cardiology to Radiology, from PACS to mobile communication, I have enjoyed helping IT departments implement systems that make hospitals run more efficiently. Over the past few years, I’ve seen a major shift as the industry moves toward value-based care, which requires […]