Wildflower Co-Founders Leah Sparks (left) and Kathy Bellevin (right)

We initially launched Due Date Plus to consumers on iOS in 2013. That year it reached more than 50,000 pregnant women, with more than half of our users registering in the first 7 weeks of pregnancy. Engaging women this early in their pregnancies is important in addressing risk factors and enabling appropriate interventions at the right time.  

In 2014 we launched our first enterprise client, rolling out WYhealth Due Date Plus to the state of Wyoming and their Medicaid population. Since then we have expanded to 2M covered lives with various commercial and Medicaid health plans, as well as self-insured employers. We marry mobile analytics with outcomes from the healthcare system to continually improve our data model for predicting and managing health risks. Our second product, GROW, focuses on pediatrics and family health. Both applications are configured to reflect the client’s branding, health benefits, and existing programs.

Because we always build our technology architecture to be highly configurable for enterprises, we are able to seamlessly turn on enterprise features such as tap-to-call for care managers, provider look-up, health risk assessment, and clinical program referrals.