We work with health plans and hospital systems to deploy mobile health solutions that deliver results. Customers configure our products for their unique needs while enjoying the convenience of a truly turn-key system.


Working with dozens of health plans, we are proud to make our smartphone-based programs available to more than 14 million Americans. Employers and Medicaid plans configure our apps to help women and families:

  • Tap into plan benefits
  • Find doctors in-network
  • Enroll in clinical programs
  • Receive appointment reminders
  • Manage high-risk conditions

Customers use our mobile apps to move beyond patient portals and connect directly with consumers on their smartphones. Hospitals drive service line volume and build loyal relationships by enhancing the patient experience with:

  • Personalized alerts and hospital promos
  • Doctor look-up tools
  • Auto-populated phone numbers
  • Integration with medical records
  • Discharge instructions

Our customer family is GROWing!

El Camino Hospital