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Ushering In a New Era For Women's Health

We are transforming care delivery and payment models to radically improve outcomes.

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For Patients

We deliver personalized experiences that activate women in their own care, while simplifying the healthcare journey for families with a modular model of human touch and digital tools.

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For Providers

We make delivering care more efficient and effective for providers by clinically integrating with their workflows and systems, while equipping clinicians with the tools and support needed to effectively deliver value-based maternity care.

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For Payers

For both Medicaid or commercial populations, Wildflower helps payers work more collaboratively with providers while delivering better care for members. We fuel higher quality and lower costs.

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Recent News & Announcements

ProgenyHealth Announces Expanded Strategic Partnership with Wildflower Health

ProgenyHealth, LLC, a leading, tech-enabled women’s healthcare company dedicated to Maternity and NICU Care Management, has announced an expanded strategic partnership with Wildflower Health. The collaboration is designed to break down existing silos and help health plans move faster to proactively improve member maternal and infant health outcomes.

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New eBook on Maternity Care for Rural Medicaid

In our latest ebook, we examine how maternity care deserts and low reimbursement rates are affecting access to maternity care among rural Medicaid beneficiaries. We also explore solutions to address these challenges.

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Wildflower + HTC Launch Groundbreaking Partnership in New Jersey to Deliver Value-Based Maternity Care

Wildflower Health and Healthcare Transformation Consortium (HTC), a collaborative of independent health systems in New Jersey, have announced a groundbreaking partnership to launch a statewide value-based maternity care initiative that will transform the delivery and financing of maternity care.

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Wildflower Wins Fierce Innovation Award for Value-Based Maternity Bundle

Wildflower Health received a prestigious industry award during HLTH 2022 for its groundbreaking work in women’s health and value-based maternity care. The Fierce Innovation Awards chose Wildflower as a category winner for the company’s transformative value-based maternity care bundle.

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The Social and Economic Cost of Today’s Experience Are Sobering


Women die in childbirth in the U.S. at up to 3X the rate of other developed countries, with black women dying at 3-4X the rate of white women


Preterm births in US are more than 50% higher than other OECD countries


Approximately 8 out of 10 pregnancy-related deaths are preventable


More than 20% of pregnancy and postpartum spend is due to preventable complications


Mental health disorders (i.e. suicide or substance abuse) are responsible for 1 in 4 pregnancy-related deaths


More than 2.2 million women live in maternity care deserts

Reimagining the Healthcare Journey

The Wildflower Health Model

  • Optimizing office visits, care coordination, virtual care and lifestyle recommendations to improve outcomes
  • Continuously assessing risk with ongoing touch points with patients, app usage and remote monitoring devices
  • Integrating data into daily clinical workflows to create accessible and actionable insights
  • Aligning outcomes, payment and care delivery to capture full value of VBC models
  • Personalizing education and care connections with engaging digital tools
  • Providing additional support through Health Advocates who serve as an extension of clinical practices.
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Examples of Client Collaborations

Value-Based Maternity Care


Wildflower and the Health Transformation Consortium are partnering to implement a statewide value-based maternity care initiative in New Jersey. This groundbreaking model will serve as a blueprint for comprehensive delivery of value-based maternity care.  

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Virtual Support for OB Practice

Lifeline Medical Associates

Wildflower is supporting LIfeline Medical Associates by augmenting in-person care delivery with Wildflower's digital engagement tools and health advcoate support. The partnership with Wildflower has helped LIfeline improve patient engagement and the overall care experience. Specifically, it has greatly enhanced the practice's ability...

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Networked Solution - Payer + Provider


Wildflower worked with Health Plan of Nevada (HPN) and Women's Health Associates of Southern Nevada (WHASN) to create a unified digital experience for individuals for both provider and health plan support and resources.

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Digital Maternity Solution



Wildflower and Providence have a long, successful partnership supporting the health system's patients with a robust digital maternity solution called Circle. 

Our Outcomes

Activate Patients & Increase Care Team Efficiency


compliant with care plan


enrollment at point of care


1st trimester engagement


fewer missed appointments

Transform Care To Improve Quality & Outcomes

Risk ID

by up to 3X

LBW Babies

by up to 75%

ER Visits

by up to 20%

Capture Economic Value of Outcome Inprovements

  • $2K savings in low risk

  • $43k savings in high risk

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Proud to Partner with, and Be Recognized by, Industry Leaders

Named Best FemTech Company by UCSF Digital Health Awards

Innovation Award winner for Population Health Management

One of nine providers selected to participate in the Maternal and Infant Health Initiative

Health Value Award winner for maternal health solution category

One of five finalists for the BlueCross Blue Shield Data Challenge

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“With Wildflower, we can pick up on emerging risks and get out in front of incidents. We can better support patients through all the transitions of care.”

- Trina Jellison

Vice President for the Women’s and Children’s Institute - Providence

“Wildflower’s technology helps us reduce pregnancy complications like early delivery, low birth weight and C-sections and hospital re-admissions.”

- Dr. James Bush

Medical Director - Wyoming Dept of Health/Wyoming Medicaid

“Wildflower extends the resources we have available for high risk members. It’s easier to identify and engage members at the right levels with the right resources at the right times.”

- Julie Lindberg

Vice President of Clinical Services - Regence BlueShield

“Wildflower is an extremely valuable partner. We are excited to fully leverage the company's expertise in value-based maternity care to transform the way we care for mothers and babies.”

- Dr. Davd Lagrew

Executive Medical Director of Women’s Services - Providence

"Wildflower is ushering in a new era for women's health, and we are proud to be part of it.”

- Dawn Owens

CEO and Partner - TT Capital Partners