Gaining Ground: How We Improve Maternity Care Access for Rural Medicaid Beneficiaries

As we wrestle with the worsening maternal health crisis in this country, dramatically improving our ability to care for women who are covered by Medicaid is an obvious priority. This is partiicularly true for women who are in rural communities. Currently, two major issues are preventing access to high-quality care and require our immediate attention. In this ebook, we will discuss both in detail and present a strategy for moving forward. You'll learn:


  • How a combination of maternity care deserts and low reimbursement rates are limiting access 
  • Results from proprietary analysis on access and cost - comparing rural, urban and suburban populations
  • Correlations between lack of access and outcomes (based on March of Dimes report card grades)
  • Recommendations for a new model of maternity care that incorporates virtual tools and value-based strategies 


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