Our Solutions

Wildflower has developed a modular set of capabilities that amplify available resources for moms, fill gaps across the system and help payers and clinicians overcome obstacles by collaboratively moving from fee-for-service to value-based care. We support the whole person by helping clinicians address both clinical and SDOH needs of the families they serve. This leads to improved quality and better outcomes for the entire ecosystem.

Digital Engagement

  • Personalized Connections
  • Health Risk Assessments
  • Remote Monitoring Devices
  • Resource Calls to Action
  • Educational Content
  • Tools & Trackers
  • Care Plans

Clinician Enablement

  • Workflow Integration
  • EHR Integration
  • Biometric Monitoring
  • Clinical Escalation Pathways
  • Population Dashboards
  • Patient Specific Dashboards
  • Health Advocates

Value Alignment

  • Payer & Provider Networking
  • Value-Based Contracting
  • Program Design
  • Performance Reconcilliation
  • Outcomes Measurement
  • Risk Stratification

Supported by a Powerful Enterprise Platform

Personalized Education

Unique and individual experiences, driven by patient data from EHRs and in-app questions. Presentation of timely and relevant articles, videos, visit prep, To Dos and CTAs. Over 37,000 pieces of information from trusted sources.

EHR Integration

Actionable data at your convenience. View patient biometrics, intake forms, health summaries, health advocate notes and physician guidelines, all integrated within your EHR or via Wildflower's portal.

Configure & Syndicate

Select from a wide range of options, including full white-label apps, custom surveys and resources. Leverage Wildflower as a digital front door or use our features to enhance your existing applications.


Combine resources and information from hospital systems, health plans and other third party data, into one app. Reduce silos and guide individuals to the right resources..


Leverage data to understand user behavior, anticipate future events and make good business decisions. Our data warehouse creates reports in aggregate and at user-level, providing insights for value-based care.

Security & Compliance

Maintain the highest security standards. All data is encrypted and secured across devices and data tranfers. We are HIPAA compliant and working toward HITRUST certification. We meet WCAG standards.

Photo of mother and child

Addressing Your Specific Needs

  • Condition-Focused Support
  • Strengthening Clinical Interactions
  • Education and Engagement Between Visits
  • Referral and Connection to Care

Examples of Client Collaborations

Virtual Support for OB Practices

Outpatient OB Practices Nationwide

Wildflower's virtual OB solution helps childbirth providers fill patient education and workflow gaps associated with virtual prenatal and postpartum visits, including remote device delivery, symptom monitoring, pre-visit data transmission, and personalized digital education. This solution is a solid foundation for...

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Preventive + Women's Health

EHE Health

Wildflower and EHE Health, a leading preventive and primary healthcare provider, launched Thrive Now to improve women's health through highly personalized tools and content that address a range of prevention and general health needs, as well as focused support for...

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Clinically-Integrated OB Platform

Women's Health Connecticut, Cigna

Wildflower, Cigna and Women's Health Connecticut partnered to develop a clinically-integrated digital platform for OB-Gyn providers that engages expectant mothers between visits, enhances clinical workflows, seamlessly combines data for informed decisions at point-of-care and creates a tighter connection between patients...

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Digital Maternity Solution

Inland Empire Health Plan

Inland Empire Health Plan

Inland Empire Health Plan (a Southern California Medi-Cal plan) partnered with Wildflower to launch Baby-N-Me. The app compliments the health plan's case management program and offers a digital touchpoint for moms to fuel better prenatal care.