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Wildflower simplifies healthcare, every day. Our Family Health mobile app is your personal assistant and trusted guide for all things healthcare. You can manage the health needs of moms, dads, kids and aging parents on one shared app. We support your family at every age and stage, connecting you with the right resources at every step of your journey.

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Create a health profile for every member of your family

Track your healthy pregnancy from first trimester through your due date and into postpartum with clinically-approved health tips

Get smart with Parenting 101 content and recommendations and milestones for your newborn, including topics such as sleep, crib safety, vaccinations

Rest easy knowing you have trusted family health resources in the palm of your hand, 24/7

Save time and simplify the process of getting what you need from the healthcare system

Gain access to healthy resources from your employer, health plan, preferred providers and local community all from one app by simply entering your zip code

Wildflower’s Family Health app opens up a whole new world of connection between you and your healthcare. Key features include:

  • Milestone-driven care for specific conditions, such as a happy, healthy pregnancy
  • Personalized information to help you understand your pregnancy, manage your symptoms and alert you to potential risks
  • One-click access to 24/7 nurse lines and other local resources available from your employer, health plan and/or preferred providers
  • Health-related content and education to help you make the best decisions for you and your family
  • Reminders for immunizations, doctor visits and preventative health.
  • Convenient heath tracking tools and question lists for upcoming doctor visits
  • Personal health views for each member of your family
  • Daily highlights and calendar to keep you up-to-date and in-the-know
Download links for the GROW app for iOS users:
Download links for the GROW app for android users:


Daily and weekly updates keep you fully informed throughout your pregnancy.
A library of helpful tools provide support for all your maternity needs.


Manage the health of your entire tribe with personalized views for each family member, including specific content, tools and resources for you, your partner, your kids and aging parents.

What Family Health Users Are Saying

What a great app –– I can track my health milestones (for my 30s) all the way down to my newborn’s. I don’t have to have an app for each family member or search online for good health info. It’s all here in one health app.
– JLS-18

Finally! An app that makes it easy to keep track of everyone’s health info without getting too complicated or clinical. And being able to invite my partner to use it too is awesome because now it’s not just me who has to keep track of everything.
– Aces A.

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Download links for the GROW app for iOS users:
Download links for the GROW app for android users: