Our mobile technologies put you back at the center of care. We connect patients to all your trusted health resources. We transform you from an immovable object to an unstoppable force for healthy living.

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Families have unique and evolving needs Our mission is growing healthy families We simplify healthcare everyday Connecting to services from preferred providers Maximizing benefits from health plans and employers
Families have unique and evolving needs
Our mission is growing healthy families
We simplify healthcare everyday
Connecting to services from preferred providers
Maximizing benefits from health plans and employers

From Transactional Care To Relationships That Last

You want long-term relationships with loyal patients. But you’re trapped in the churn of transactional care. Each time you release a patient, you have to wonder whether you’ll ever see them again.

Every day that you fail to stay engaged with patients post-discharge you are letting future business walk right out your front door, and you are potentially handing them off to your nearest competitor.

We help you build lasting relationships with entire families, while improving your ability to attract and retain patients and improving clinical outcomes along the way.

We help you make intelligent connections with your members:

  • Our enterprise software allows us to seamlessly integrate with your internal resources and mobile-enable key clinical workflows and care plans.
  • We facilitate the collection of key data that allows for deeper insights and the ability to risk stratify entire families.
  • Using our white-labeled, native app technologies, we create a digital doorway that opens up a whole new world of connection between you and your members.


Our Approach

We create a digital front-end for your existing programs and services. We automate key activities to create efficiencies for your staff, and we customize our technology based on your specific needs, like branding, regulatory or clinical requirements.


The journey starts at the very beginning – planning for a healthy family. By digitizing your current women’s health programs, we extend your reach and establish deeper connections, sooner. We surround new moms and their partners with all the information and tools they need and link them directly to your internal services.


Once the baby has safely arrived, we stay closely connected with the new family. Why let that powerful connection end at birth? Our technology can help users manage the unique and changing health of mom, dad, multiple children and aging parents, all on one shared application.


By simplifying healthcare and connecting families to the right support at the right times, we are able to spread healthy outcomes like wildflowers. We accomplish this through:

  • Early identification of health issues like high-risk pregnancies
  • Risk stratification to ensure that every individual receives the most appropriate level of care
  • Decision support to enable healthy choices for a variety of scenarios
  • Adherence and compliance with care plans, appointments, vaccinations and age/gender based prevention
  • Sustained engagement to develop deeper relationships with your population over time

How It Works

Through engaging mobile applications, we put the power of your programs and services in the hands of those who need them most.

Enterprise Platform

  • Integrates seamlessly with your existing programs
  • Mobile enables your key clinical workflows and care plans
  • Establishes analytic capabilities to identify, risk stratify and track engagement, clinical and financial outcomes

Configurable, Native App

  • Drives sustained engagement by connecting consumers with your clinical resources
  • Offers consolidated care coordination so mom, dad, kids, aging parents and other dependents can all be tracked and managed on one shared application.

Health Journey Modules

  • Focus areas include maternity, early childhood development, general family health
  • Each journey incorporates curated content, decision support tools, milestone-driven care plans and compliance reminders for immunizations, doctor visits and preventative health

Family Health Ecosystem

  • Leveraging our customer network, we create the ability for individual users to access benefits and resources from their health plan, provider, employer and local community all within one app

Wildflower’s technology allows us to support pregnant women, while also helping us reduce pregnancy complications like early delivery, low birth weight and C-sections, and hospital readmissions.
Dr. James Bush,
Wyoming Medicaid Medical Director



Partnerships currently represent more than 45 million covered lives


Secure, cloud-hosted, HIPAA-compliant architecture


Up to a 10:1 return on investment in high-risk populations due to lower complication rates


Peer reviewed Medicaid study showed 75% decrease in low weight births and 22 percent improvement in key HEDIS measures


Apps establish long-term connections, with 70 percent of users continuing to engage post-episode

Relentless brand exposure.

From home screen to countless touchpoints within the app, your brand will be front and center throughout a patient’s mobile journey.

Robust clinical content.

From pregnancy to behavioral and mental health, we offer a breadth of support, tools and clinical information .

Deep personalization.

Patients control their app experience by uploading profile pics, changing colors and customizing the app to fit their personality and specific needs.

Advanced analytics.

The rich data we capture from app users provides unprecedented insights into patient acquisition, behavioral metrics and patient demands.


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– Activate consumers to engage with your clinical services and programs

– Enable effective management of high cost conditions

– Maximize the value of internal resources

– Maintain long-term relationships with your population