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Timely Issues Featured in American Hospital Association’s 2022 Environmental Scan Can Be Supported and Improved by the Advancement of Value-Based Care Models

The American Hospital Association (AHA) recently published its 2022 Environmental Scan, which focused on several timely issues impacting the healthcare industry. They included: The financial and operational challenges of the system Workforce shortages, resiliency and the future of work Health equity, including digital...

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A Year In Review: What We Learned and What We Shared About Value-Based Maternity Care in 2021

Over the past year, Wildflower has spent a lot of time sharing best practices and raising important questions facing the advancement of value-based care within the maternity episode. We thought it would be great to close out the year by...

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Clinicians Play a Critical Role in Connecting Patients with Supportive Technologies During and After Pregnancy – Lessons Learned from Providence on Driving Digital Engagement

When legislative changes made it a requirement to screen prenatal and postpartum patients for maternal mental health conditions, Dr. David Lagrew and his team at Providence saw an opportunity to leverage and expand the adoption of a mission critical digital...

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How Digital Front Doors Can Enable Value-Based Care - Must Listen Podcast

The digital front door has been a hot trend in healthcare for the last several years. And many solutions have rushed to stake their claim as THE digital front door for patients. But as an industry, we don’t even have a clear...

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Common Bonds: Many Obstacles and Opportunities for Improving Maternity Care Are Global in Nature

By Leah Sparks Founder & CEO I was recently reading a thoughtful article published in The Guardian, which offered advice for improving maternal health in countries where conflict and extreme poverty are rampant. As various experts offered their insights, it...

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Balancing Risk & Reward: Not All Bundles and Global Payments Qualify as Value-Based Care. Why It’s Important to Move Past Volume Control to True VBC

“Unfortunately, in the U.S., at this point, fee-for-service has become unsustainable.” This quote is from a regarded national expert on payment reform. It was pulled from a debate on the comparative merits of bundled episodes vs. global payments. The debate took...

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