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Advancing Care Series #2 - How Does Value-Based Maternity Care Impact OBGYN Burnout?

The second installment of Wildflower’s Advancing Care video series features Sue Gross, CEO of The OBG Project and Trina Jellison, Vice President for the Women and Children’s Institute at Providence. In this video, Sue and Trina discuss how value-based maternity care...

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Advancing Care Series: Have We Lost Sight of the Patient in the Delivery of Maternity Care? If So, Can Value-Based Models Help Us Regain Focus?

During the Advancing Care Conference, hosted by the American Hospital Association, Wildflower convened a panel of leading national voices to discuss what's needed to effectively deliver value-based maternity care.  We have captured highlights from these discussions via a series of...

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Depression During Pregnancy: How Lifeline Medical Associates Is Reducing Stigma and Increasing Access to Maternal Mental Health Support for Expectant Moms

For many women, the pregnancy journey, and ultimately the transition to motherhood, is not an easy path. It can be filled with uncertainty, fear, anxiety and often, depression. In fact, depression is one of the most common medical complications during...

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Why Record Funding in Women’s Health Doesn’t Necessarily Guarantee the Success We Seek

By Leah Sparks - Founder and CEO -  After passing the $10 billion mark for the first time in 2020, digital health funding experienced a relentless surge in 2021, doubling to more than $20 billion before the year was even over....

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Driving Innovation in Women’s Health for Employers – How Payer Organizations Can Lead the Way

As the great resignation and rising healthcare costs continue to apply pressure on U.S. employers, one of the most critical issues for organizations is how to respond more effectively to the health and well-being needs of women workers.  According to McKinsey’s...

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Digital Activation of Patients Is a Requirement for Success in Value-Based Maternity Care

When launching a value-based care model for maternity, there are many factors that will influence how successful the approach will be. One of the most critical pieces is your ability to digitally activate patients. It’s universally accepted that any value-based...

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