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Four Myths, One Truth and the Way Forward for Addressing Maternity Deserts with Technology: Highlights from an Expert Maternal Health Panel

During a recent webinar organized by Thinc, an expert panel dispelled myths and shared best practices for using technology to close gaps in maternity care access. Here's a summary of the session and a link to the full recording.

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Overcoming SDoH Needs to Support Healthy Mothers and Babies: Key Priorities for the Future of Maternal Health

The recent Texas Collaborative for Healthy Mothers and Babies (TCHMB) 2023 Summit offered insights and opportunities for addressing Social Determinants of Health (SDoH) as a key strategy for improving maternal and neonatal health outcomes. Here is a summary of themes and thoughts from the meeting.

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Investment in Digital Health Is Experiencing a Dramatic Slowdown. Is This the Beginning of the End, or the Start of Something Special?

After explosive and dynamic growth in recent years, digital health funding is in decline. Is digital health falling out of favor? Or is this a course correction that leads to a stronger, healthier digital health space?

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Advancing Care Series: How Can We Help OBs Navigate Multiple Payers in the Transition to Value-Based Maternity Care?

The sixth installment of Wildflower’s Advancing Care video series features Trina Jellison, Vice President for the Women and Children’s Institute at Providence. In this video, Trina discusses the challenge of supporting OB practices in the transition to value-based care, understanding...

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Advancing Care Series: Have We Lost Sight of the Patient in the Delivery of Maternity Care? If So, Can Value-Based Models Help Us Regain Focus?

During the Advancing Care Conference, hosted by the American Hospital Association, Wildflower convened a panel of leading national voices to discuss what's needed to effectively deliver value-based maternity care.  We have captured highlights from these discussions via a series of...

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Breaking the Pattern: Reimbursement Battles are Challenging the Adoption of Value-Based Maternity Care. Here’s How We Find Balance and Win Together

Before we get started, let’s once again state the obvious. Value-based care models offer tremendous promise for positively impacting maternal health outcomes in this country.  And, implementing such a model is very complicated. It’s not as simple as steering patients...

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