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Four Myths, One Truth and the Way Forward for Addressing Maternity Deserts with Technology: Highlights from an Expert Maternal Health Panel

During a recent webinar organized by Thinc, an expert panel dispelled myths and shared best practices for using technology to close gaps in maternity care access. Here's a summary of the session and a link to the full recording.

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Can Health Advocates Positively Impact Maternal Health Outcomes? A New Role is Emerging as an Extension of Clinical Teams

Using health advocates to augment OB-GYN bandwidth is a growing strategy in the quest for improved maternal health outcomes. Here are keys to success for organizations who are considering using health advocates as an additional layer of support for women.

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Investment in Digital Health Is Experiencing a Dramatic Slowdown. Is This the Beginning of the End, or the Start of Something Special?

After explosive and dynamic growth in recent years, digital health funding is in decline. Is digital health falling out of favor? Or is this a course correction that leads to a stronger, healthier digital health space?

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How Payers and Providers Can Collaborate Digitally to Improve Maternal Health Outcomes: A Case Study from the State of Nevada

During a recent webinar sponsored by Becker’s Hospital Review, Wildflower Health, Health Plan of Nevada (HPN) and Women's Health Associates of Southern Nevada (WHASN) showcased a unique partnership aimed at improving engagement, care coordination and maternal health outcomes.

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Advancing Care Series: If We Do the Right Things for Patients, Will the Money Follow?

The final installment of Wildflower’s Advancing Care video series features Jeff Hogan, President of Upside Health Advisors and Sue Gross, CEO of The OBG Project.  In this video, Jeff and Sue discuss how value-based models align incentives so we can...

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Advancing Care Series: Does Value-Based Maternity Care Require a New Approach to Data?

The latest installment of Wildflower’s Advancing Care video series features Sara Teppema, Chief Actuary for Wildflower Health. In this video, Sara discusses the new ways we must interact with data in a value-based model for maternity care.  “In a value-based model,...

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