Changing the way people engage with their health: Wildflower Joins Praia Health’s Ecosystem Partner Program

Changing the way people engage with their health: Wildflower Joins Praia Health’s Ecosystem Partner Program

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With the mission of driving health system transformation through digital, Praia Health is a modern, consumer platform for health systems that revolutionizes the delivery of individualized health solutions at scale. The Praia Health platform is changing the way Wildflower Health can be woven into a health system’s digital experience. We're excited to be one of the first organizations to join their Ecosystem Partner program. Together, we’re changing the way people engage with their health through digital.

"I founded Wildflower with a goal to help women navigate the fractured healthcare system while pregnant; educating, empowering and connecting the dots to resources that can truly impact their care,” said Leah Sparks, founder and CEO of Wildflower Health. “Whether from their provider, health plan, employer or within their community, women need a personalized care experience - and a way to access that experience. We’ve found a partner in Praia Health enabling us to break down silos by surrounding women with the right resources at the right time, individualized to her eligible care systems."

Through its low-code ecosystem enablement capabilities, the Praia Health platform transforms the way third-party consumer solutions can be incorporated into a health system's digital experience. Praia Health securely manages the data exchange between the solution, the health system's electronic medical record solution, and other health system data sources, increasing the flexibility and speed of third-party integration, while dramatically reducing its cost.

Seventeen digital health partners have joined the Praia Health Ecosystem Partner program, including Atlas HealthCedarDexCareFoodsmartFortuna HealthKyruus HealthLivara HealthMedbridgeModivcareOmada HealthRosarium HealthSeason HealthVale HealthWellthyWildflower HealthValidic, and Xealth. As Praia Health's clinical integration partner, Xealth enables digital solutions to be incorporated into the clinician experience. In addition, Praia Health has secured Panda Health, the AVIA MarketplaceXealth, and West Monroe as channel partners for the platform.

"Partnerships and cross-industry collaboration are new imperatives for health systems, and an open, efficient platform for data sharing and consumer engagement is a prerequisite that hasn't existed," Praia Health CEO Justin Dearborn said in the newly formed digital health company's press release. "There is deep value associated with streamlining the delivery of the broad spectrum of consumer-facing solutions that a health system wants to deploy today—both operationally and from a patient and caregiver satisfaction perspective. We're excited to see that both health systems and digital health solution companies are already recognizing the value as well."

The Praia Health Consumer Platform takes a health system's services, programs, initiatives, and resources—from across the organization—and systematically delivers them to the right health consumers at the right time, based upon their unique best practices, protocols and preferences—dynamically adjusting the consumer experience based upon everything that is known.

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