How Digital Front Doors Can Enable Value-Based Care - Must Listen Podcast

How Digital Front Doors Can Enable Value-Based Care - Must Listen Podcast

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The digital front door has been a hot trend in healthcare for the last several years. And many solutions have rushed to stake their claim as THE digital front door for patients. But as an industry, we don’t even have a clear definition of what a digital front door is.

A recent research project surveyed 27 healthcare providers to understand what this term means to them. Not surprisingly, the answers were all over the place and included specific mentions of symptom checkers, chatbots, provider search tools, scheduling, call centers, patient check-ins, pre-visit digital marketing, search engine optimization tools, customer relationship management systems, email campaigns, remote patient monitoring, wellness apps, education, medication management, specialty telehealth consultations, on-site fall prevention and on-site wayfinding.

So, what does, or should, the term digital front door really mean? And what role does it play in fueling better patient outcomes, specifically in support of value-based care models? 

Wildflower’s Kristin Begley was a special guest for a recent episode of the Relentless Health Value Podcast. She shared insights on digital front doors, personalized health and value-based care. Below are time stamped highlights from the episode, but we’d encourage you to listen to the entire show. It helps paint a clear picture of how the digital front door concept can be effectively deployed to break down silos and improve care.

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Episode Highlights:

04:20 What do we mean by “digital front door” in healthcare?

05:27 “In healthcare, the next generation of digital front door is connecting all those stakeholders that try to help patients stay healthier.”

06:20 “What we’re trying to migrate to is … walk into any front door.”

07:24 Why is engagement the hardest part?

14:01 “How will providers and payers ever be successful in value-based care if we don’t have activated, educated, motivated patients?”

16:36 “I don’t know how … we succeed in value-based care without having … personalized content for everyone.”

26:52 How does Wildflower Health achieve their value-based care network effect?

29:54 What do stakeholders want relative to value-based care?

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