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The Future of Medicaid Starts Now - 10 Top Insights from the HT4M Innovation Forum

The Future of Medicaid Starts Now - 10 Top Insights from the HT4M Innovation Forum

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Last week, we had the privilege of speaking at the Future of Medicaid Innovation Forum in San Francisco. The event was hosted by HealthTech4Medicaid (HT4M), a nonprofit coalition of entrepreneurs who believe in a strong and dynamic Medicaid program that can efficiently connect people to the health care they need. HT4M facilitates cross-sectoral, collaborative partnerships in health technology nationwide, to radically change the pace of innovation in Medicaid with educational programming, resources and tools to facilitate cutting-edge fora and partnerships for venture-backed entrepreneurs, payers and providers. Last week’s conference was a great example of industry leaders rallying around the idea of a better future for supporting our country’s most vulnerable populations. Below is a collection of some of the most compelling tweets from the forum. It was an inspiring day of discussion and debate around what’s next and what’s needed, led by some of the industry's most forward-thinking experts.

  1. "A lot of our work is deeply understanding that healthcare is local. I think everyone has fully bought into the idea that social needs is really the elephant in the room. How are we going to build solutions that allow communities to empower themselves?" @manik_bhat #HT4MForum19
  2. “When you meet someone from a company you think has a great solution, your first question should be, 'Do you serve the #Medicaid market?' If not, your second question should be, 'Why not?'” - @mjcoye wrapping up a great CEO panel to close the #HT4MForum19 #HealthTech4Medicaid
  3. “CMS passed reimbursement for eConsults... State Medicaid plans were right alongside them early on: there is such a huge need that orgs are willing to adopt tech and into to solve those problems faster than some commercial settings” @GilAddo #HT4MForum19 #HT4M @HT4Medicaid #jpm19
  4. “Game-changing in this market: enable your apps to work offline” @leah_e_sparks @HT4Medicaid #HT4MForum19 #HT4M #MedicaidInnovation @HT4Medicaid #VBR #jpmhc19 #jpm2019 #healthTech4Medicaid #digitalhealth
  5. “To partner with #Medicaid plans, innovators need to deeply understand all of these critical components: mission-driven objectives of the plan, clinical, compliance, financial and timeline for ROI, and IT” @manik_bhat  @HT4Medicaid #HT4MForum19 #HT4M @HT4Medicaid #VBR #jpmhc19
  6. "Technology solutions is only one piece of the puzzle. Implementation is a whole other thing. The amount of time it takes to thoughtfully roll out a new solution is huge. Think about the benefits, don’t be afraid to partner. This is a team sport." - @SecMandyCohen #HT4MForum19
  7. “If we are really going to make an impact, we have to look beyond the pampered people of Silicon Valley and look toward the most vulnerable population in our country.” Poignant intro from @leah_e_sparks
  8. “Beneficiaries need more care that fits into their daily lives, not care that rearranges it.” Darin Gordon, CEO of Speire Healthcare
  9. “Technology innovators need to think about what drives health. And that includes food, housing, violence, etc. We need to ask ‘are you at risk?’” Mandy Cohen, Secretary North Carolina DHHS
  10. "Our #Medicaid users have 30% higher on average usage than commercial users and do more navigating to #benefits than commercial users." @leah_e_sparks shares @wildflowerhlth data with our #HT4MForum19 attendees. #HT4M #MedicaidInnovation

MedCityNews produced a great synopsis of the day for their site. You can reach that article here. Want to hear more about last week’s agenda and the ideas shared during the forum proceedings? Contact us here. Also, be sure to check out HealthTech4Medicaid (HT4M) online at to learn more about the organization’s mission and to see how you can be a part of setting a better course for Medicaid in the future.