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Coming of Age: How Your Enterprise Can Respond to the Rapid Evolution of Digital Health

Coming of Age: How Your Enterprise Can Respond to the Rapid Evolution of Digital Health

Digital Health, Health Innovation

In the age of health consumerism, having a digital health engagement strategy has quickly become a business imperative.  This truth was front and center as some of the sharpest and most passionate young minds across the healthcare space convened in San Francisco to discuss the future of healthcare, and specifically digital health. Sponsored by The Advancement League, the annual Young Health Leader Summit was founded specifically to create experiences, connections, and resources to put the focus on Health over Everything.Through their Community Impact Challenge, the Advancement League has supported initiatives to improve access to healthy foods, enhance approaches to mental illness and address specific challenges such as physician burnout. The obvious consensus of attendees at this year's event is that digital health is here to stay and is rapidly changing by the minute.

Those organizations who can develop holistic approaches, partner wisely, build quality consumer relationships and create clearer care pathways for individuals will find themselves thriving. Meanwhile, those who mishandle their digital health strategy and fail to meet the needs of the modern consumer will find it hard to survive. We wanted to take a closer look at some of the most compelling trends in digital health, so we gathered a focus group of these young leaders to do just that. In a jointly sponsored report by Wildlflower and The Advancement League, we have integrated the insights of innovative organizations such as Henry Ford Health System, Orlando Health, University of California San Francisco, Blue Cross Blue Shield of North Carolina and Guthrie Medical Group. These experts offer 6 tips to help enterprises more effectively respond to the rapid evolution of digital health. This includes guidance for:

  • Committing to a Holistic Approach
  • Finding the Right Partners
  • Keeping Organizational Culture Front and Center
  • Embracing Integration of Data and Resources
  • Preparing for a New Type of Competition
  • Pushing Beyond the Healthcare Status Quo

If you are interested in learning more, you can download the full report here. How is your enterprise gearing up for the next wave of digital health innovations?