Wildflower Health Releases Family Health Mobile App for Wyoming, Strengthening the Digital Health Partnership

Working with the Wyoming Department of Health (WDH), Wildflower Health, a leading mobile health software company connecting families to health resources on their smartphone, announces the release of their newest mobile health app collaboration, Family Health.

The Family Health mobile app helps the “Chief Health Officer of the Home” track family health with tools to navigate the growth of each family member. The app offers content and features for each family member’s general health, as well as mom’s pregnancy

“The Family Health app provides a channel for Wyoming residents to be involved and engaged in their healthcare,” said Dr. James Bush, Wyoming Medicaid medical director with WDH. “Resources available from our department are found throughout the app, just by simply entering in the resident’s zip code. These local and personal features offer digital support to Wyoming families.”

The Family Health mobile app can be downloaded on the Apple App Store or Google Play Store.

The most used tools and features in the Family Health app are:

  • Profiles for everyone in the family with information about health milestones for men and women, adults and children
  • Connections with local WDH resources such as the Wyoming Quit Tobacco Program or Wyoming Cancer Resource Services
  • Tools including Vaccination Tracker, Weight Tracker and Height Tracker
  • Customized health views to discover tools for expectant mom and newborns like Kick Counter, Growth Tracker, Diaper Tracker and Feeding Tracker

“The clinically validated health content and tools in Family Health are important because those same features in the WYHealth Due Date Plus* mobile app resulted in a study showing the statistically significant impact our app on improving the health outcomes of high-risk mothers,” said Dilek Barlow, study co-author and Wildflower Health director of client services. “Wildflower Health is proud to continue its work on the Family Health app, which includes pregnancy and family health tools.”

The Family Health mobile app can be downloaded on the Apple App Store or Google Play Store by following the links provided, by searching “Family Health Wildflower” in each mobile store, or texting “Family” to 307-317-0819. By entering a Wyoming zip code, residents can access all WDH resources.

About Wyoming Department of Health

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