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How Digital Front Doors Can Enable Value-Based Care - Must Listen Podcast

The digital front door has been a hot trend in healthcare for the last several years. And many solutions have rushed to stake their claim as THE digital front door for patients. But as an industry, we don’t even have a clear...

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Filling the Jar: How We Can Make Healthcare Whole as We Navigate a New Normal

Some experts predict the COVID-19 pandemic will be a portal to a tech-enabled healthcare future, a watershed moment for the industry that will lead to unprecedented transformation. Others fear the current momentum to integrate virtual and remote care won’t be...

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What Is Around the Corner for Medicaid In the Midst of COVID-19, and How Can We Be Prepared?

COVID-19 is further burdening the U.S. healthcare system with every passing day. Our front line healthcare workers are in a battle to contain the spread, to secure adequate medical supplies and to limit...

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Faster Than a Virus: We Need to Reduce the Spread of Noise, Oversharing and Misinformation for COVID-19

By Leah Sparks, Founder and CEO   Pretty much everyone has an update to share on COVID-19. Which is absolutely acceptable and understandable, until it isn’t. We live...

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Closing the Gaps in Value-Based Care: Moving From Reactive to Proactive

While the healthcare industry has made substantial changes towards value-based care over the last decade, patient engagement around prevention and management of chronic disease has been slow in coming....

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Relying on Your EHR to Drive Consumer Engagement? Here’s Why That Alone Won’t Work

By Aaron Martin - EVP, Chief Digital Officer - Providence Ventures Consumer engagement is a hot topic among my peers at health systems, and for good reason.  The average consumer only visits health systems 2X per year, whereas leading consumer brands, the same...

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